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HiRain Technologies

 Company Profile

        HiRain Technologies is a Chinese innovative high-tech enterprise founded for approximately 20 years with rapid and sustained speed of development. Headquartered in Beijing, HiRain has three branch offices in China. The offices are located in Shanghai, Chengdu, and Shenzhen. Beyond China, there are also one corporate site in Munich, Germany and another one in Detroit, the United States. Besides, HiRain owns four representative offices in Changchun, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Chongqing. Its factories and distribution facilities are distributed into Shanghai, Tianjin, Nantong of China.

        HiRain’s core operating areas are spread across four business sectors: automotive electronics (including Intelligent Drive and Telematics), mobility solutions consulting services, R&D (research and development) tool agency and professional training. With integrated system of scientific research, production, marketing and services, HiRain is committed to bringing value innovation and better customer services to every customer and organization. So far, the company has more than a thousand domestic plus foreign customers in the field of automotive industry.



        Through many years of practice and exploration, HiRain Technologies has successfully spread the world-class ideas of CMMI Management, Modern V mode development process, and integrated engineering environment (IEE) into China. These development process and management ideas for corresponding products and technical services have constituted the solutions of HiRain Technologies.

        HiRain Technologies, through the GB/T19001 and TS16949 quality system certification, guarantees the quality of products and services offered by HiRain. Projects delivered by HiRain achieve high customer satisfaction rate in terms of its function, performance, and supporting service. HiRain Technologies considers “Democratic & Scientific” as its corporate culture. It encourages employees to actively play their initiative and creativity so as to create a progressive and rigorous working atmosphere within the company.


Business Scope

  Automotive Electronics

        The automotive electronics division in HiRain is committed to providing auto manufacturers with comprehensive and high-value integrated products and services. Through years of technology accumulation, HiRain, as a supplier, has sustainably offered products to General motors, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, FAW-Volkswagen Automobile, SAIC, Dongfeng, BAIC, GAC, Geely, and Jiangling Motors. Meanwhile, as a partner, HiRain has successfully cooperated with many worldwide automobile suppliers, including Inalfa, Grupo Antolin, Borg Warner, Tenneco, Faurecia, and etc.



•  Research & Development of Products

        With a R&D Team of over 500 members and modernized plants, HiRain has established a complete and advanced development platform for automotive electronics. The R&D field of automotive electronics where HiRain focuses on involves:
        Chassis and Safety System (Adaptive Front-lighting Control System, LED ADB Control System, Electric power steering system, Forward Active Safety Camera);
        Body Electronics System (Keyless Entry, Sunroof Control Unit, Over Head Console, Color Ambient Lighting System, Car Wireless Charger, Body Control Module, Seat Control Module, Gateway Control Module, Body Control Network, Car Door Electronics, On-board DC-DC Power Module);

        Powertrain System (Diesel Engine Emission ECU, Electronic Parking System, Vehicle Control Unit, Battery Management System);

        Telematics System (T-Box, Fleet Management System);

Sensor (Hall Sensor, Steering Wheel Angle Sensor, Kicksensor);

        Equipment (Assembly Line Electrical Testing System, EOL Testing  System, Software Automatic Injection Device, ECU Production Line Test Equipment)


•  Solution and Consultation

       The solution team of Hirain technologies can provide design and verification services throughout the entire vehicle life cycle for OEMs and suppliers. Based on high-end luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles, and intelligent driving technology, HiRain’s solution and consultation involve: Electronic Architecture, Vehicle Communication System, ECU Calculation and Underlying Software, Vehicle Function Testing & Defect Tracking, Production Line Test Equipment, and etc. HiRain has participated in the development and test of over hundreds of vehicle models. Its extensive experience in solution and consultation provides customers with comprehensive and particular services.



•  Quality Certification

       “Well Planned, Sustainably Improved, Customer Satisfied” is the quality strategy that HiRain aims for. Based on TS16949 and CMMI, HiRain has reconstructed the system of company quality management. From R&D perspective, in 2011, HiRain started a serious assessment and improvement of CMMI, including CMMI development model, service model, and procurement model. In the same year, for the sake of improving R&D, the leaders in company unanimously agreed to set up Beijing Jingwei Hirain Technologies Central Laboratory and later received ISO/IEC17025 quality system certification for Beijing Jingwei Hirain Technologies Central Laboratory issued by CNAS. Whereafter, the company passed CMMI-DEV v1.3-L2 quality certification in 2012 and CMMI-DEV v1.3-L3 quality certification in 2015.

       Concentrating on independent innovation, HiRain has been awarded the titles of “Beijing Patent Model Enterprise” and “Beijing Enterprise Technical Center”. By the end of 2017, HiRain Technologies has applied 1140 domestic and foreign patents, and has obtained 794 patents certifications, including 252 inventions, 467 utility models and 75 appearance designs. More than 300 patents applications are pending. Many of them are further awarded as “Beijing Enterprise Innovated Products” or “Beijing Torch Program Projects.








•  Production Capacity

       At present, HiRain Technologies has constructed manufacturing plants for auto accessories in Shanghai & Tianjin of China with a complete trial production process and a production testing line. The plant takes an area of 4750 square meters in Shanghai with a single shift of 1.5 million annual outputs of control units, 9500 square meters in Tianjin with double shifts of 10 million annual outputs of control units. In April of 2017, the construction plan of a manufacturing plant in Nantong has been launched by HiRain. This project was expected to get finished by the end of 2018 and annually produce up to 20 million sets of auto accessories.

  Intelligent Driving

       For the past two decades, HiRain has accumulated a wealth of experience in both auto accessories and solution services. As intelligence becomes an important direction of automobile technology development, intelligent driving turns out to be an inevitable road leading to the evolution of automobile. Following industry trends and opportunities, HiRain is committed to supplying intelligent driving solutions for high-end luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles, special vehicles, and etc. The intelligent driving technologies applied in solutions making include environmental perception, sensor fusion, planning decision, operation control, system integration, and simulation-testing.



       With the rapid development of Telematics, the number of vehicles that accesses network through technological equipment has been growing prominently in a global context. Meanwhile, auto manufacturers collect vast operating data (including bus signal, video, audio, and interactive data) through technological equipment in order to dig deeper into details, expand the customer base, and provide better services. With the final purpose of fulfilling the demand that auto manufacturers may have for the sake of future transition into High-end intelligent service, the Telematics division in HiRain insists on creating a series of related products (including intelligent terminal, Data Management Platform, Data Analysis Tool, and Intelligence Application), so as to help auto manufacturers transfer, collect, and analyze data provided by the database.


•  R&D Tools

       Through the cooperation with many world-class manufacturers such as IBM and Dassault, the Process Method & Model Tools division in HiRain is committed to providing customers with a variety of R&D tools and services based on the technology of electronics derived from the development process of V mode. The R&D tools and services mainly include:

   ♦  Enterprise process system and management platform: Stages、DOORS、Reqtify、pure::variants、CC/CQ、RTC 、RQM、SLM

   ♦  V-mode process requirements and function development: Stimulus、IBM Rational Rhapsody

   ♦  V-mode product solution development: Dymola、PROOSIS、PSS、FlightSIM/HeliSIM、TISC、medini analyze、Safety Architect

   ♦  V-mode design verification test:CAPITAL SYSTEM、Mentor Capital、Mentor PCB、HyperLynx、CST、Mentor Valor、ICD Workbench、Interconnect Workbench、Symtavision、CATIA、OPTIMUS、Macros、MATLAB/Simulink、Nutaq、Spectra CX&OE、Altia、GL Studio、VAPS XT、EggPlant、AbsInt、SimuQuest、EAS、ControlBase

   ♦  V-mode simulation and test:SIMPACK、Abaqus、TAITherm、FloTHERM、FloEFD、T3ster、SigFit、SYSTEMA、QAC/QAC++、PolySpace、Tessy、RVS、ET·ci、Concurrent iHawk、PrismTech OpenSplice DDS、HiGale、TESIS DYNA4、Presagis、VTD、ViCANdo、Spirent、Mx-Suite、TPA、TAE、IMSS、Interface Testbench、HiFID、ARINC 664、HiRainStorm、Chroma ATS8000

       Based on MBSE and the study of latest international idea IPD, Process Method & Model Tools division in HiRain provides customers with integrated care of solution and consultation. The services include demand and system engineering, collaborative design, automobile electronic and electrical system, electromechanical simulation, thermal fluid simulation, control simulation, software testing and VR/AR technology.


•  Training Business

       After years of hard working, HiRain believes that the working methods being able to solve practical problems are what customers truly demand. Thereupon, HiRain starts the business of technical training. “Keeping advanced and innovated” is the key point in HiRain’s training business. So far, HiRain has offered approximately 50 types of courses related to electronic bus, automotive electronics testing, automotive electronics new technology, CAE, system tools and electronic control units. These courses can be taught individually or form a multi-course training system to provide an integrated solution to the customers.


•  Enterprise Culture

       On the strength of its enterprise culture— “Being Democratic and Scientific”, HiRain has attracted many elites inside the industry. Owning high-value innovation and great services to customers are the main reasons for HiRain’s success. In the future, HiRain will sustainably provide high-quality products and services to customers as well as make a contribution to the development and innovation of Chinese automobile industry.


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